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Along the trail of Old Slipways



Approximate duration of the cruise: 3 hours

Cruise schedule:

Boat Bursztyn: every day: times: 8:20 am, 11:30 am, 3:00 pm
Boat Zefir: from Monday to Thursday: times: 8:25 am, 11:45 am, 3:15 pm

Start and end point of the cruise:

The cruise starts and ends on the Buczyniec Slipway.

Price list – Along the trail of Old Slipways

  • qxif-check Full-fare ticket PLN 110
  • qxif-check Reduced-fare ticket* PLN 100
  • qxif-check Group ticket** PLN 100
  • qxif-check Ticket for children aged 4 to 7 PLN 30
  • qxif-check Ticket for children under 4 PLN 15

*A reduced-fare ticket is available to: senior citizens, pensioners, disabled persons, children from 7 years of age and young people in education up to 21 years of age, as well as holders of a big family card.
**A group ticket is available when buying more than 15 tickets.

Cruise description

  • We start our cruise at the Bursztyn or Zefir boat harbour at the premises of the Buczyniec Slipway.
  • Then, after 200 m, the vessel enters a larry car. The boat on the car is pulled out of the water along the railway rails with the help of hydraulic devices. We cover a 490 m long route on dry land from the top of the Buczyniec Slipway to the bottom, where we descend by nearly 21 m.
  • We sail out of the larry car to cover about 2 km along the waterway of the Elbląg Canal to the next Slipway – Kąty – where the boat is parked on a larry car for the second time. This time, the dry land transport is 404 m long and the decrease in height is nearly 19 m.
  • At the bottom of the slipway, the vessel sails out of the larry car to take a leisurely cruise on a stretch of the Elbląg Canal and descend by another 19 m on the Oleśnica Slipway.
  • The boat turns around behind the third slipway and returns to the place of departure on the same slipways, but this time rising upwards.

During the entire journey along the Elbląg Canal, the guests are accompanied by the boat captain's commentary. On board, there is a buffet which offers hot and cold beverages.

Cars and coaches can park on the premises of the Buczyniec Slipway free of charge.

You can also visit the Museum of the History of the Elbląg Canal there*.
*additionally payable

On the premises of the Slipway there is "Tawerna Buczyniec" which serves fast food.**
**it is possible to prepare home-made dinner sets for organised groups.

Szlakiem starych pochylni

Phone reservations are accepted from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm


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photo: Bartosz Rybaczewski, copyright © KE LGD


photo: Bartosz Rybaczewski, copyright © KE LGD

photo: Bartosz Rybaczewski, copyright © KE LGD

photo: Bartosz Rybaczewski, copyright © KE LGD

photo: Boat on the grass

photo: Boat on the grass